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Insulator Cover using Colored FR4 for Defense Application

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Insulator Cover using Colored FR4 for Defense Application

This part was fabricated in conjunction with a Non-Disclosed Defense Agency with classified use. Using customer supplied material, the material sheet was CNC Saw cut to workable size. Blanks were then milled on specialized table & spot checked continuously throughout run to ensure + .002 tolerance requirements. Parts were shipped to customer for assembly then sent back for final trims & finishes of assembled part allowing a zero margin for error to customer requirement.

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Colored FR4 Insulator Cover Specifications

Part Name: Top Cover
Part Description: Dielectric Insulator Assembly Component
Tightest Tolerance: +.002"
Part Length: 18.02"
Part Width: 7.68"
Part Thickness: .080"
Part Color: Blue
Number of Cavities: 34
Shrinkage Allowance: 0.00"
Surface Roughness: 125
Cutting Method: CNC Saw
Special Features: Custom setup to ensure spacing & depths
Second Ops Applied: See Scope Below
Industry for Use: Defense
Applied Processes: CNC Saw / Mill
Standards Met:  ITAR / MIL-I
Material Used: FR4 (Blue)
Material Thickness: .025"
Material Finish: 32
Temperature Range: 120°-180°C
Packaging: Specialized Customer Required
Volume: <20
Delivery Time: 4-6weeks
Delivery Location: Arizona, USA
Design Work: Customer Specific
Drawing Type: CAD

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